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Using Social Media to advertise services and communicate with customers is no longer a strange thing. But how to use them effectively and optimize them? Especially when the competitive architecture market is today

How to attract the most optimal and effective target audience?

As a 3D architect visualization studio, we want these ways to help you develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to your architectural brand. .

1 / Choose the right platform


 Choosing a platform to promote architectural services is crucial. First, it is necessary to analyze the factors that influence this choice: target audience, demographics, social media platform and website, message transmission …

Facebook is the first and most obvious solution. It is easy to use, has a lot of accessibility potential, and is quite versatile. Most importantly, it offers great management tools in the form of analytics and various ad managers for posts, as well as a built-in video player. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate with other social media, creating a solid basis for a cross-platform approach. 

LinkedIn is primarily used for business-to-business communication, so it’s a great place to connect and build a professional reputation. The downside is the limited participation and interaction, mostly by fellow professionals. Think of it as an online business card rather than a marketing tool. So focus on building personal relationships, sharing new trending knowledge instead of just promoting your products.

Twitter_  a blogging platform that could at first glance be called a social media niche for architects. However, regular updates will increase awareness of your business and attract followers that can prove beneficial for marketing.

Houzz is a smaller social media platform than the above, but it is designed to be precisely designed for professionals in the interior and exterior design field. It can be used to track new trends in architecture, showcase expertise, showcase the best works, and find contractors.

Youtube is a great tool for video content. Potential customers will be excited to learn about new design trends, see the workflow, how and where, choose materials, approaches to project development, … And of course , Videos and 3D animation showcasing brand new projects that will become assets for any advertising campaign. However, marketing on YouTube requires a lot of resources. Sometimes it’s wise to hire a private person to come up with creative ideas, organize the filming, track the results and then learn to use them.  

2 / Object updated continuously

Constant updates help keep viewers informed of company activities, capture their attention and form top brands in the minds of customers.


Post what?

As mentioned before, the most effective combination is text plus image or text plus video.

What type of text?

Regular updates on current projects, with 3D commercial results to showcase beautiful and handy designs, stories, problem-solving ways, and share with other architects.

Another great idea is to share a link to a Portfolio or interesting news from the world of architecture, with personal thoughts and comments. If done on a regular basis, it can provide businesses with natural, welcoming and valuable ways of communicating to media audiences.

3 / Network with industry experts


One of the most effective ways on social media for architects is to network with professionals who are directly relevant or connected to industry.

First, the influencers. These are people that are established on an online platform and have at least a hundred thousand followers.

Why should architects connect with them?

Experts often thank and promote other, lesser known channels and blogs. Content creators help each other attract followers and traffic will greatly increase the popularity of those interested in joining.

Second, entrepreneurs and individuals: Construction Contractor, Mortgage Broker, Project Manager and 3D Visualization Studio … Affiliate companies find their prospects through social networks, built build on a coherent business model because both sides cooperate for profit. Consequently, the architecture is connected with related companies through social networks making it much more comfortable to visualize outsourced designs, paperwork and on-site work.


4 / Optimize your social networking sites 


First of all, it’s necessary to maximize the value of the posts – always provide valuable and visually appealing content.

Second, posts should be scheduled – people know when to expect new content, they’ll be eager to check for other updates.

Third, feedback must be handled quickly and efficiently – it’s important to build an active community on the page.

In the end, it should never be over-advertised. Too many ads and blog visits become breathless 

5 / Use social networks to exploit feedback


Social media for architects offers a huge advantage. When a company does well, it gets a lot of positive reviews. So sharing good points to attract more potential customers is a powerful (word of mouth) marketing tool.

For the type of feedback, focus on the best and most ingenious handling of privacy and publicity complaints and criticisms. First of all, response must be quick. As a general rule, complaints must be handled within an hour of receipt – whatever else and the longer you take, the more dissatisfaction will increase. 

6 / Use built-in advertising tools 

Some social media architects, like Facebook and Youtube, have paid advertising tools and they should be worth the budget. However, it should be noted that organic advertising is a long-term investment. Therefore, the use of paid tools is not profitable quickly.

7 / Always researching social media marketing trends and new tools


To achieve commercial success with social networks, architects are constantly researching: Look up new trends, investigate new tools. Analyze traffic data and make changes accordingly. Competition is strong in all areas, so being one step ahead of your competitors is the key to success. Regardless of how much time and effort it takes for research. It consistently improves traffic generation for your pages and, in turn, brings in more leads.

Social media offers a lot of opportunities for new customers. However, in order to make use of them, it is important to understand these. Let’s start by choosing the right platform for your content and updating it.

Before your projects attract investors, you need some stunning images – a casual viewer doesn’t find designs, sketches like and shares. And we would love to help you with that. Promote your projects through social media with CGI with premium 3D imaging services

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