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It requires a lot of financial and time investment from the architect, if you want to invest, you must find a company to give you the confidence to help render the reality to avoid these complications and dispel worries of the owner. Architects always try to come up with ways to minimize difficulties, but sometimes it’s quite difficult to do.

Now luckily CGI offers solutions to this problem. Realistic 3D rendering allows clients and architects to communicate more effectively than ever before. How the N2Q Studio architectural rendering service helps architects deal with some of the most common fears customers may have!

1 / Project results will not meet expectations

The fear of architects is that they will not explain the design when it is brought to life and in the long run, it’s hard to alleviate this apprehensid. It’s hard to make clients visualize the outcome of the project. The challenge is mainly due to the fact that most customers have no knowledge of architecture and cannot understand technical tissue drawings.

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N2Q Studio will solve this problem easily. It shows the actual image quality results before being put into practice. With exterior 3D images, it is possible to display all architectural solutions and materials used in future house projects. CGI also introduces the building in its surroundings so that viewers can understand if the design is suitable for it, what architects need to do to get an actual exterior image. Send the drawings to N2Q Studio immediately so that the building can look very authentic. Then professional 3D artists will create images of futuristic houses without being able to distinguish the real image. With such assets, customers will foresee results and know for sure whether they like it or not.

2 / The work is not worth the price

When the costs of building and renovating a home follow all standards, customers do not know how the price is formed. This inestrence leaves customers unaware of whether the figures in the estimate are reasonable. So they often worry they will pay too much for services. 3D visualization brings figures to life by allowing customers to see exactly what they’re going to pay.

Realistic outside pictures can accurately depict the premium materials used in construction, the top quality of the material not only means visual appeal but also the high durability of the structure. Realistic rendering also allows customers to visualize all advanced architectural solutions. When assigning work to N2Q Studio, customers will feel the professional way of working and the projects you give will be worth the money you spend. This way, N2Q Studio will bring your project to life, helping to convince your client that the future results are worth it.

3 / It will be difficult to communicate with an Architect about details of the Project

Potential customers consider ordering architectural services, they often think it will be difficult to gain mutual understanding with the professionals they hire. When your client is unable to understand the details architects use to describe their ideas. Schematic drawings and sketches are also rarely used to bridge the gap between professionals and clients


Whereas the actual rendered images can explain ideas in the language the client understands immediately about a visual image. N2Q Studio will show you how to properly remove windows to make your bedroom more spacious and lively by putting more light in it. In this way, the client can gain a clear understanding of the project details. Thanks to CGI, it makes it easier for architects to deal with the task of explaining small details to the client and making the workflow visibly efficient.

4/ The property owners will be unable to take part in the process

The architect is the person who designed the house but later belongs to the client. Therefore, comments from customers in the working process are indispensable. While an architect may really want to engage the client’s engagement, their lack of experience with architectural concepts can make it difficult to do so.

If architects experts choose to render out of the reality, the client can easily become an active and effective participant in the process. They achieve this ability because they can see the project in a form that they can understand and relate to. So when your client can ask questions in home design and suggestions, it’s easy to make corrections right on the 3D rendering before construction starts.


5/ The selected design option won’t be the best one possible

Your clients make sure they choose the best design for their property, building and remodeling a home is a huge undertaking that the owner wants to get done right. This is for them to be fully informed about all the available options. Realistic exterior rendering allows owners to view various design options for their home in lifelike quality. So they have a realistic view of the design they have chosen before, they do not regret their choice when the product is completed.

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N2Q Studio prides itself on working professionally to serve architects to your clients, using the latest technology to ensure that your buildings are as sustainable and practical as possible can. Do you want to be easily accessible to your customers when working on architectural projects? Get in touch with N2Q Studio for the supply of 3D rendering of the exterior and get there!

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