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HOW ARE the architects / companies advertising themselves? IS IT EFFECTIVE?

Architectural engineering is an interesting career that combines the thinking of a technical person with an artist. With the ego and high focus on composing work, many architects  do not want or pay much attention to how to build and promote their own / corporate brands to potential customers or mass.
For architects / companies with outstanding identity and personality, it is understandable that customers find them by themselves, but the rest of architects are not so.

If you want to start promoting yourself, try checking how you’re doing and are there other ways to implement it more effectively?
Check out listed below (both negative and positive) and let me know what number you are using, or help you if you have another way, for the community to refer.
Would like to thank to everyone!

1. Up your work on personal page (facebook, instagram) for introduction

2. Regularly upload money photos, contract photos, current status photos, photos of brand names, super cars with your face on social to increase trust

3. Cooperation with 3D Architectural Visualization to increase product quality

4. Hire celebrities to advertise you

5. Hire an agency / ad unit to do a professional advertising campaign

6. Post professional articles / tips on decoration, architectural / interior knowledge on pages with few professional members but related to aesthetics, construction …

7. Blogging decoration / design tutorials for heathens

8. Join resident groups in urban areas to comment around whenever someone asks about home repair / design

9. Advertise products on online newspapers / newspaper / television in the categories of houses, architecture, 3D Architectural Visualization Service

10. Issue Voucher on e-commerce sites, discount coupon sale forums

11. Write articles in international newspapers and then cite sources to increase trust

12. Free advertisement designed to sell construction package

13. Hanging banners / posters at the construction site that I design / construct.

14. Advertise on employee uniforms / vehicles

15. Draw graffiti / paint phone number on project fence or on plain wall

16. Buy data and call telesale to customers buying real estate

17. Combining with real estate sale / interior supermarket to cross advertising

18. Zoning off the potential area then hand out the flyer / name card

19. Send spam messages via mobile / email

20. Waiting for old customers to introduce new customers

21. Using customer brands to showcase deployed products

22. (For corporate customers) List up and send hard copy Profile company straight to them

23. (For corporate customers) Find information of target customers on the business portal and contact them directly

24. (For corporate customers) Participate in bidding for all design / construction bidding packages according to the abilities of the investors (regardless of winning or failing, as long as they have experience and interact with the deliverers’ members. bid)

25. Open office in the commercial area of ​​the urban area / foot of the building to promote guests on the spot

26. Rent a house / combine landlords in the urban areas to model houses and introduce products

27. Standee erection, rental in the shopping mall, building lobby

28. Ask a family member / acquaintance to introduce you

29. Join business classes / groups to expand relationships

30. Participate in specialized competitions / awards at home and abroad to take advantage of free communication

31. Set up page / web and run ads

32. Making youtuber review / tip guide

33. Make video timelapse work process for communication

34. Sponsorships for music videos, dramas, shows, and other mass products

35. Part-time job training, education, teaching related subjects to introduce main majors

36. Book writing / thematic cooperation with publishers

39. Go to gym and show off body

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Melinda Slater
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Van Thi Huynh
Quan and his team are amazing to work with. The quality of their work is superb compared to what's around. They're super responsive, reliable and easy to work with. Try and see!
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