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When it comes to decorating houses, designers have to work hard to make the living space as beautiful as possible. Sometimes you will see the overall of an interior that feels unstable, when you see it is also not satisfied with that changing appearance. That can happen when you hire a designer they’re all unreliable. Identifying problems can be really difficult and you may not know whether the furniture itself, layout or some other element spoils the idea.

For you to spot bad 3D interior designs, this article shows you a few ways to spot some of the most common mistakes in interior rendering.

1 / Poor navigation in interior rendering

All rooms must be operational and meet its purpose. The key here is to navigate, when navigation is not the right direction of the customer. You need to think carefully to be able to move people in the room comfortably and customers are comfortable or not. Navigation, the interior rendering mistake is the most disruptive factor.

Improper layout of furniture can be confusing, leaving them unsure of where they should go and how to find their way around the room. You can not consider the selection and arrangement of furniture separately, it is necessary to consider what kind of furniture will be based on the plan of the room.

2 / Unbalanced height

In interior design, the height of furniture and furniture should be used daily. For example, it is important that the dining table and the chair must be aligned to the height so that people can sit properly, eat comfortably without feeling pain in the hands or back.

The space of the legs is also important, it helps to ensure that people’s teeth can move properly and helps you avoid scratching different elements. This rule also applies when buying nightstand cabinets. Make sure you can with it easily and take away anything easily. When it comes to height, be most deliberate to the kitchen, as this area needs to be functional above all.

3 / There are to many Funitures

Some of the most common mistakes in interior design are having too many fixtures. No matter which room you talk about, cramping it with tons of furniture won’t help you. Even if it looks good your rooms will be difficult to use or move around. On the other hand, the drawing may look beautiful, but when applied in practice, a room with too many furniture will feel cramped. No matter what kind of room you’re designing, make sure every piece of furniture has its purpose and make sure the teeth can be used properly.

You start with the most important pieces of furniture when designing a room. Once you’ve found the right spot for that piece of furniture, build around it. This is how you will create balance and flexibility in your room.

4 / Tables and chairs compatible with each other?

One of the most important things to consider is how the furniture and the interior work together. Use design elements that create movement and space. Once the elements are in place, highlight them by adding artwork and sculpting objects.

You have to be patient to pick out the right things and always consider the entire composition of the customer room. Combine genres, colors, and structure to elevate your space. Remember to arrange your belongings and if you leave your belongings in conflict, you can make the room more memorable. The large pieces of your room also need to fit together to create the foundation so you can build with different colors and styles.

5 / Are curtains properly divided?

Curtains are a special part of a room, many people especially women love to see a large and beautiful curtain to decorate their windows. However, most people have misconceptions about curtains, consider them as part of the window but it is not.

Almost a lot of people do not pay attention to the position of the curtains but it can negatively affect the design of the whole room. Your curtains should be close all the way to the ceiling so the way you see it will be bigger and the whole room will be taller. Ideally, your curtains should touch the floor a bit too, but you can also let them hang on the floor, as this option really suits many designs. This will also make the room a little easier to breathe.

6 / Too many decorations

Decorations can be good, but placing too much in a room will make you cluttered. Your whole room looks messy and extremely messy. You don’t want your house to look like a flea market with things stacked.

In this way, even the extravagant decorations that you use will go un heeded. Try to find world-class items that will make your home look like a museum, don’t turn it into a cluttered savings shop. Good taste requires restraint and not just cluttering the space with as much as possible.

7/ Is it balanced or not?

Decorating entire spaces with a variety of elements can be difficult, and even designers forget the scale. In addition to adding different elements of different sizes and simply not going hand in hand, people often put too many things in one room.

With such cluttered space, everything looks like a pile of garbage, the eye level has nowhere to land. Another mistake of people is to put bulky and large elements in the room. This will make the room look small and crammed. It is important to combine the right size, height and shape to create a good proportions. Finding your own proportions and proportions can be really difficult, especially if you have no experience in interior design. You should leave this section to the experts, but remind them of this important aspect of interior design.

8 / The rug does not fit

With smaller rugs in the center of your living room, the whole place can become smaller. Place many small rugs under the coffee table, in front of the sofa, etc. can make the room look tiny and uncomfortable. These can move easily and slide under someone’s feet, making them feel awkward.

Placing a single large rug in the center of the room can expand your space and bring a sense of grandeur. Of course, when choosing carpets, look for natural fibers. They bring a lot of sophistication and a sense of elegance to any room in which they are pla

9/ Only put furniture on the wall

Previously, people did not have many choices about furniture. Most furniture is designed to  on walls, it doesn’t even have any finishing layer on the back. It simply looks ugly. This has created a habit for many people to always lean furniture against the wall.

Discrete interior inventory and the creation of small openings inadvertently make it difficult to use the wall space for anything, even make your room less functional. Experts recommend putting the seats closer together, making the space look cozy and compact. This creates a more open and attractive feeling for the entire area. Feel free to experiment with the arrangement of your belongings, because you can completely change the layout of the space and give it a fresh look.

Whether you are an aspiring interior designer or just a home dΓ©cor, these tips can help you spot erroneous decisions in your interior design. If you have to, write all of these points on paper so you don’t forget any important detai

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