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What is the style of dress, daily clothes of famous architects in the world, have you ever wondered? The following article will give you 4 unique types of map, corresponding to 4 names of old people in the architectural world.

Costumes are always considered an important identifying feature, moreover the factor that attracts the first look at the opposite person. This view is correct at all times, all countries, especially the West very early.

Alvar Aalto in a daily meeting

What about the architects? They are people trained with skillful hands, with keen eyes, sharp in beauty and art. Design thinking is then also applied to the choice of dress style. However, we will try to find examples of the digital fashion style through the dress of famous architects of the period.

These are 4 digital fashion styles corresponding to 4 famous architects

1.Alvar Aalto

Finnish architect Alvar Aalto’s career flourished since the 1920s, developing and succeeding until 1970. His architectural style ranges from classicism, monumentalism to functionalism and modernism.

The Vyborg Library (Vyborg Library) was the first modern Aalto present in the hometown, completed in 1971 – famous for being the most beautiful slope project in Finland.

Vyborg Library – Alvar Aalto

During the design of this project, the architect mainly wore classic suits including white shirt, dark trousers, Thom Sweeney-style herringbone tie mixed with cardigan jacket, and a pair of George Cleverly glossy shoes. . Aalto’s digital fashion style expresses the history of that period, but in that it exudes elegance and seriousness of the architect.

2.Renzo Piano

The New York Times mentioned the name Renzo Piano as the editorial designer located in Manhattan, along with another important work in the United States, the California Academy of Sciences. The Italian architect is a veteran figure that helps shape the modern architecture of the late 20th century.

The New York Times Press in Manhattan

Piano loves classic style, mixed modern, comfortable and flexible at work. This map direction has inspired many architects today.

These are not very polite suits, glossy shoots … but a simpler outfit: a shirt mixed with a sweater, classic cotton chinos, and a leather shoe with a strap. brand John Lobb. Piano fashion style expresses the “minimalism” in him

3.Frank Lloyd Wright

Recognized by the American Institute of Architects as America’s greatest architect, known for his precious awards and honors, it’s Frank Lloyd Wright.

His designs spread across the entire United States, in which it is impossible not to mention the work ingrained in the architectural world: Falling Water (The House on the Waterfall).


The house on The “Fallingwater” waterfall is as beautiful as a painting

The fashion style of architect Frank is bold classic orthodox. These are elegant tweed suits, a traditional white shirt and Oxford shoes with matte threads. In particular, the American architect has a striped tie collection from the Drake brand.

4.Daniel Libeskind

Polish-American architect has taught at many famous universities, as professor of architecture. The first building that Daniel designed was completed when he turned fifty.

Since then, his architectural career has flourished and has been much more remarkable. People often think of buildings with sharp corners and impressive diagonal lines when mentioning Daniel, typically the Denver Art Museum, Royal Ontario Museum …

Royal Ontario Museum – Daniel Libeskind

Daniel is a big fan of the ‘All Black’ style mix. His Tom Ford suits are both courteous, classic by form, with a hint of modernity, fashion, and a little “rockstar” in glossy fabric material. Along with that are cowboy leather turtleneck shoes, significantly increasing the coolness of the set. The fashion style of architect Daniel clearly shows the “fashion” in his architecture

Famous architects always have to meet many different objects, from customers, partners in many fields to the media, students … Each person will have a different fashion orientation, making up the image of only me.


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