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This year has been a big challenge for everyone, including our studio. But looking back at all the work we completed in 2020, we can say that we are very proud of what we achieved. The great achievements we have made in the past and the likes we receive from our customers have greatly inspired us to improve our services even further and continuously promote our sales body reaches new heights. No further advertising required, let us show you our best renders this year!

1, Vaci Ut Office Building – Hungary

An amazing project we have done with Arrow Architect. These are the different high rise buildings presented in varied view angles in order to foster a soft and glowing effect, the dusk and nighty mood widely used in this renderings.








2, Huizhou 1325St QuiangDong Hotel

This Chinese styles house unlike other house, interiors house decorate with timber, bamboo plantings, and with a light palette for anesthetic. Featured oak floorboards, marble tiles, and bespoke furniture.

Material and nature palettes used inside are intended to create a calm environment for residents.


3, Western Crescent House

This villa is laid out as a large and well-decorated house with a beautiful front garden. Adding grey tiles cladding and white stone, this private villa offers a sense of grand and majestic. The France window allows ample sunlight inside the house. There’s no doubt that this is a bold design our project


4, Geschäftsführer

We has spend a lot of time creating the surrounding landscape, the most realistic and realistic things for our client project. It helping shortens the time, saves money and delivers optimal efficiency for client project. This client is from Germany- Berlin Area, a generous client


 Before                                                                                    After 


5, Patric Hauszureck Apartment

Last but not least, we have this marvellous 3D render, 3D rendering masterpiece in September, 2020 in Germany


Those were our studio’s best renderings of 2020. We hope that you loved them as much as we do! As you can see, there are no limits to expression when it comes to architectural CGI. Professional 3D artists can help architects and designers visualize their concepts, however complex and unusual they might be.

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