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1. It’s Not Five Dollars Anymore

5 Dollars Vector Art & Graphics |

Fiverr is one of the hallmarks of the gig economy—a website where you can order anything from a custom illustration to a theme song for your podcast. Fiverr became popular because users could commission a project for $5, and it would be ready within days or even hours.

Many people don’t realize that Fiverr has always allowed workers to charge more than $5. Contractors set their own rates on Fiverr, so there’s a wide range of prices. from someone who’s just starting with 100 $ out to $ 1,000 per one render. and don’t be surprised when they bid $ 500 for your project when their list price was $ 40 – $ 60 – $ 100 respectively.

2. The Price is very Expensive!

you think the price in Fiverr is Cheap?? No. you wrong! I will show youOne thing you didn’t know is that Fiverr is not free. they charge 20% to the seller. That means that if you pay $ 100 for someone’s job. that person can only get 80$ And they will charge you $ 125. so after deducting commission costs, they still have enough $ 100 for what they spent
That is why the services you buy are always more expensive than its real value


3. Very Poor Quality

Maybe you will be overwhelmed by the renderings on the cover of each seller. Fiverr actively neglects to moderate its users, which it admits in the site’s own terms and conditions: “Fiverr does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright or other rights”

So don’t believe it, because it’s not their job. it’s just images they download somewhere online and put in there to attract customers. You need to flip to the right to see their real products while working at Fiverr. It is really extremely poor quality. Most customers are extremely disappointed after receiving their products

The reason for this is that all Fiverr sellers are more focused on quantity than quality of their products. And Fiverr also encourages this, because this helps them make more money

There will be no creativity and no investment in your product, when they have not finished your project, they have already thought about the new project, because when they do more and more projects in 1 month. and the more reviews, the more their rankings on the rankings! and they are more appreciated by Fiverr

If someone does not care about quantity but focus on quality for each product. he will be fired immediately


4. You will never find a true 3D Artist in Fiverr!

As stated in Section # 3. All people working through Fiverr are focused on quantity and making money, so talented and talented sellers who really want to invest in the product often have no long-term attachment to Fiverr.
They cannot work forever for Fiverr because it is too risky, so many inadequacies that Fiverr has for them, it makes them dissatisfied,  they will stop working at Fiverr and take projects on their own to take care of their own customer files, and build their own brand.

When a good candidate becomes a bad employee |

Those who are satisfied with Fiverr are usually only Indian guys with poor products, as well as university students working part-time jobs to make a living with acceptable acceptable skills. not companies or individuals with experience in the field

This over-saturation of cheap, unskilled workers masquerading as professional-level work represents a “race-to-the-bottom… an oversupply of workers” in which the client is granted a wealth of choice and yet every choice is exactly the same. Given the entitlement Fiverr appears to engender in its customers, it is interesting to note that most buyers on Fiverr are from wealthy countries such as the U.S. and U.K. while most sellers come from poorer economies like India and Nigeria.



5. You have to pay 100% right from the start (10% fee)!

Have you ever met a service where the seller asked to pay 100% service charge right when starting? This is pretty ridiculous and they require you to bet on the seller of your choice.

Maybe this won’t matter if they return all the money when the seller can’t get the job done, but .. No…


6. Poor of trust


What happens if the seller you choose cannot complete the work you have requested?  After you sent them the whole amount?
Certainly there will be no compensation for your damage.

And you can’t get back the money you paid. Fiverr will take 20% of your money and will only return you 80% to your account!

You still have to pay them when they do nothing for you!

How to turn the political conversation around | TED Talks

So what is the best advice?


In addition to the above, Fiverr still has a few advantages, for example, you can solve the job very quickly in just 1 or 2 days, even a few hours  with acceptable products.

But if you want Best quality products, Let’s contact the outside Architectural companies, and N2Q Studio is your reliable choice.

N2Q Studio is an architectural visualization company based in Vietnam delivering consistent art quality 3D renderings and animations

We have team of 3D Designers with experience of working on Architectural Projects. and always focus on the quality of each product to the best.

What sets N2Q Studio apart is our unique and innovative creative process which enables us to convert your ideas into reality with the best quality and reasonable prices.
We accept work from you and without any intermediaries, we are responsible for your project

You only need to deposit 50% on the first time you work with us for the first time or even not need to deposit anything from the 2nd project. And we promise 100% refund if it happens anything that makes you unhappy

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    Joe Human
    Joe Human
    Great team to work with! Very responsive and they produce very good quality work.
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    Penny del castillo
    Fast, efficient, friendly, reliable! Great results on numerous occasions. We have found the team@N2Q to be good value and will continue to use their services.
    Billy Bobolas
    Billy Bobolas
    After working the N2Q team, specifically Tiffany and Nikki, it has been a dream team to deal with in producing high quality renders for my clients. Their attention to the brief, asking all the right questions ensures a quick and speedy process. The team is very accommodating and honest with their timeline to help keep everything on track. Super professional and exceptional work. Keep up the great work team!
    Nadine Ryan
    Nadine Ryan
    High quality renderings completed to the highest quality. I can rely on N2Q and see them as part of my team. We have an on-going working relationship and I'm always delighted to review the renders they supply to me. Feedback from my clients is 10/10.
    ivan ivanov
    ivan ivanov
    We greatly enjoyed working with Wan and his team. They were great at interpreting and incorporating comments within a fast turnaround time. We were very happy with their service and with the final images.
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    Melinda Slater
    Beautiful work, very communicative and timely.
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    Kenneth Giskegjerde
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    Dave Green
    High quality renderings completed quickly and with great communication. Will defiantly be using the team again and would highly recommend.
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    pierre-alexis clement
    Great work great people great mindset 👍🏻👍🏻
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    Great service. Highly professional

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