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A professional architectural visualization company always gives a certain period of time for a client to request a free modification of anything on CGI when it does not meet their expectations.

Unfortunately, they are not aware of what important factors need to be considered and wasted using the right to amend. Of course, they have to pay for the next fix when it is not accepted. At the same time, the modification also affects the progress of them plan.

Most architects will only consider basic things such as proportions, architectural details, materials. Meanwhile, most artists will do them carefully. For a clearer assessment, here are some common architectural errors that can make the external appearance less impressive and have to be modified several times.


1. Inappropriate environment

The environment of 3D rendering will affect the psychology and emotions of viewers, especially those who are considering buying real estate.

By setting the mood accordingly, visualize will persuade them to make the single latch quickly. For example, this is a villa comes from an architect client, located on a secluded hillside, it is made up of a romantic, peaceful atmosphere and a warm color.

To limit the modification and properly wish you should agree with 3D artists before starting the contract. This is good for both sides and you also won’t spend too much on modifications too many times.


2. Wrong surroundings

The surroundings may not be important compared to the main subject. Even so, don’t ignore it. In different environments, the surroundings can affect the architectural image differently, especially if it is an external image.

For example, a hotel located on a busy street would look very different from the simulation in the middle of the suburb.

But don’t be too focused on the outside environment even though it looks great By these factors can steal attention on your property. Remember, the image must focus on the property and the property must be in harmony with the surroundings. You should therefore provide complete information about location characteristics so that 3D artists can create masterpieces for your project.


3. View

When it comes to external appearances, the selected angle is very important. The best angle for shooting is the angle that highlights the best features of the image. Sometimes, choosing a skewed angle also causes a disproportionate view that damages perceptions of size. CGI must be clear and easy to see. It is not necessarily in the sight of man, especially if the property is a high-rise building.

If you have such a problem with your external architectural image, you should ask to modify it. A quirky-looking image won’t impress anyone, which can further reduce its effectiveness in marketing.

Our advice: ask your displayer to capture the front angle for your approval before re-showing if possible.


4. The ingredients are awkwardly arranged

Besides the property, additional ingredients make the atmosphere come alive, be it people, passing cars, lights, vegetation… However, 3D artists must have good ability to harmoniously arrange all components. If there are any elements that do not support a large theme, it can take a natural blow to the whole image.

The aspect ratio and position are also important to avoid misplaced elements. If not done carefully, you will find that such components will not get along with the entire image. To make the perfect render don’t miss it!


At N2Q, we have a team of young, professional and creative architects along with state-of-the-art software technology and highly trained artistic vision. With extensive experience handling complex and large-scale projects around the world to help you feel secure when handing over your project to us.


5. Un natural reflexes and reflections

Shiny materials are difficult to express, especially those such as glass and water surface. Some refractive, reflective and even sparkling effects must be used to make them look real and must be at the right level.

An overly transparent glass or a mirror that reflects too perfectly will make the image un natural. Unfortunately, such materials are really not easy to extract. So, let’s explain clearly so that 3D artist can modify them accordingly as you expect. You can also avoid such problems by reviewing the architectural visualization company’s portfolio before deciding to hire them. In the portfolio you can see the rendering quality or similar projects.

Conclusion: Do not underestimate such mistakes, this can significantly affect the aesthetics of the image. If you spot these mistakes on the external image you ordered, don’t hesitate to request a modification. To optimize free conversions and limit the costs of paid modifications, don’t forget our advice.

At N2Q, you have the right to request unlimited modifications during project implementation, and we will flexibly modify based on screenshots or ultra-fast rendering. After the final rendered product is done, you have 2 additional modifications and only pay the costs incurred when requesting on subsequent revisions.

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    alona pernula
    alona pernula
    For our dental office design project, we opted for digital rendering services from N2Q Studios, and we couldn't be happier. Their attention to detail brought our vision to life with precision and clarity. From the layout to the smallest fixtures, every aspect was meticulously crafted, creating a realistic representation of our future space. Their prompt delivery and responsive communication made the process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch digital rendering services for their design projects.
    Sussan Lari
    Sussan Lari
    Leah Rispoli
    Leah Rispoli
    Beautiful high quality renders, quick turn around and clear communication. Highly recommend.
    Wayne Braun
    Wayne Braun
    N2Q Studios is a pleasure to work with. They respond quickly and communicate clearly to insure their work is done correctly. I appreciate their accuracy in rendering the models but also their creativity in composition, lighting, landscaping and layout. Their work is so valuable in helping the client visualize and understand the architectural drawings. I foresee working together on many more assignments!!
    alberto di martino
    alberto di martino
    In qualità di designer d'interni, collaboro con N2Q Studio con sede in Vietnam, per diversi progetti. La distanza geografica non ha mai ostacolato la nostra comunicazione fluida e efficiente, che avviene principalmente tramite WhatsApp. Nonostante la distanza, l'azienda si è dimostrata estremamente professionale e attenta ai dettagli. La comunicazione è sempre rapida e efficace, consentendoci di discutere le idee e i dettagli dei progetti in modo tempestivo. Ogni immagine prodotta viene eseguita con precisione e stile, rispecchiando fedelmente la mia visione creativa. La capacità di catturare l'essenza dei progetti attraverso le loro visualizzazioni è veramente eccezionale. Consiglio N2Q a tutti i designer d'interni che cercano un partner internazionale affidabile e competente. La loro sede in Vietnam non ha mai compromesso la qualità dei loro servizi, e la comunicazione via WhatsApp ha reso la collaborazione efficiente e senza intoppi.
    Good service, nice output
    Tyler Hughes
    Tyler Hughes
    I have worked with N2Q for 5 projects now and plan to continue working with them in the future. They quickly produce very high quality renderings and are easy to work with.
    Joe Human
    Joe Human
    Great team to work with! Very responsive and they produce very good quality work.
    Penny del castillo
    Penny del castillo
    Fast, efficient, friendly, reliable! Great results on numerous occasions. We have found the team@N2Q to be good value and will continue to use their services.
    Billy Bobolas
    Billy Bobolas
    After working the N2Q team, specifically Tiffany and Nikki, it has been a dream team to deal with in producing high quality renders for my clients. Their attention to the brief, asking all the right questions ensures a quick and speedy process. The team is very accommodating and honest with their timeline to help keep everything on track. Super professional and exceptional work. Keep up the great work team!

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