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Authentic 3D rendering is a good investment on the road to success, it helps architects and designers, companies create authentic returns on their unfinished work. Although 3D exports are useful, unfortunately, not all architects have the resources or skills to create high-quality images that are highly accurate and engaging. But the investment in image production is worth it, which can be as effective as the end product in convincing customers.

1 / Marketing

For almost any industry, marketing is considered the basic business direction, in which companies can discover potential customers by reaching out directly or indirectly. How can customers see your value and understand what you can create for them? For architecture firms, developers, real estate companies and the like, what they need is more than just a flyer. The splendid and honest images created by 3D output technology are essentially the driving engine of your production idea.

Chiến lược Marketing là gì? Các loại chiến lược Marketing cơ bản

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Eye-catching design at first sight. Therefore, an underd development project can be implemented in a 3D way and the client, investors or home owners can see results in an early stage, where designers and related companies can easily modify designs to meet customers’ different expectations. This process will not require actual work in the actual planned area, but only need to process the idea in 3D rendering. However, the image will be as realistic as it is in reality. This way, the marketers will benefit largely by using the 3D rendering as part of the ad.

Beautiful rendering will also help architects better compete with others in competitions or bid for some future design and planning, because details can be discerned in the image not just words narrowed by visual impressions.

N2Q Studio is one of the best architectural rendering service companies, because N2Q Studio is a company that has invested a lot of time and money to bring the best export of Vietnam, to the guests in the most complete and satisfied way.

2 / 3D rendering increases the realism of architectural visualization

For aspiring designers or architects, they can draw lots of authentic and inspirational pictures of architectural designs, decorate and other great things using sketching skills and tools. But they are just pictures, lacking a sense of authenticity and precision. By taking advantage of the latest technology, ideas are confined to CAD files, sketching, black and white drafts can be realized into a realistic image, where precise measurement, referring to distance , length and width, can be achieved by entering accurate data.


This way of presenting this idea is better than imagined and absolute experience. For those who are not professional in sketching or describing their designs, 3D rendering will be more than happy to overcome the burden.

3/ 3D rendering have perfected your designs with subtle lighting and context

Another striking feature of 3D architectural image is that it displays soulful designs. How did that happen? 3D rendering are more than just realistic-looking images. They are a series of presentations on design and context. In order to better serve the theme design, context such as landscape, sky and mood need to be appropriately applied to the general image.

Other than that, different lights can be imported as you like, helping to remove the hassle of waiting for the expected weather to arrive and photographing architecture or landscapes: sad, melancholy, light, cheerful or sharpening can be applied according to specific requirements. That’s the secret of 3D rendering, as it is soulful and inspirational.

In a nutshell, in 3D rendering you have complete control over timing, lighting, perspective design and landscape. The three main advantages aspects above clearly show the 3D rendering. Today, it’s worth investing in and will contribute a lot to your current or future projects. If you are looking for inspiration for your designs, N2Q Studio is here to help you visualize your ideas!

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