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The day before we began to go to the light of cloudy days, also called Overcast. Today, we learn more about two different variations of this kind of light: STRONGER SHADOWS

1/ Light Clouds


On Thin Cloudys Days or Cloudy in a relatively clear amount. The characteristics of these days will be almost similar to cloudy days, but you can still see the direction of the sunlight through the clouds. And this type of light can weigh the properties between a sunny day and a cloudy day, so:

• STRONGER SHADOWS (compared to cloudy day) but still SOFT (thanks to clouds)

• EXTREMELY MODERATE CONTRAST (The general nature of Sunny day and cloudy day)

• DIVERSE COLORS (from grey_white of clouds to the blue_orange of the sun and sky)

How to use Sky Light 2 & Real Skies: Lumion 9 - 3D Render Tutorial - YouTube


 In general, the light of thin clouds has many variations, based on clouds. The amount of thick, thin clouds, combining the same distance between the cloud clusters, can affect the contrast elements, colors, shadows,…In different ways and create different outcomes. For easy visualization, you can think of this type of light as a running line between two heads, strong (cloudy days) with mild (clouded days). Thereby customizing the balance factor between the two.

Note here, clouds can be haunted blue and orange from the sky and the sun, based on the thinness of clouds.

Keywords that we can remember about this variation are “combined”.


2/ Light passes through the tree shade

This phenomenon is most often evident when sunlight shines through trees, leaving small light spots on surfaces. This phenomenon occurs when we have a large intensity light source shining through closed layers, thereby creating a high contrast, crisp shadows. It brings a lot of emotion and is the very favorite effect in photography. We can apply with architectural works that bring emotions very efficiently. The keyword that we can remember about this variant is “alternating”. Natural light can showcase empathy, creativity, and resonance, so does 3D architectural visualization. Let’s spend time to understand your project expects to want, choose light color on the idea and get creative in conveying the design concept for your project. Let’s explore more of the beauty of your projects via 3D rendering service. Welcome to contact us. You can also read our other 3D architectural visualization blog for more news about architecture

3/ Light God Rays

The phenomenon with which we see light shining into a beam form, often caught in the wild when the environment is misty or dusty. At this point the light will be due to the dust/mist and leave light trails. The application is most often seen in religious works, thanks to the monumental effect this has.

How to create Room with God rays in Corona







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