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Negotiating Project visualization architecture with 3D architect visualization studio makes you feel afraid, especially when you have not experienced

My research suggests that:

“73% of customers use architectural depiction services for that their prices are too high. They abandon the purchase and look for cheaper options that skip the important negotiation step”

With 7 years of providing solutions to visualize high quality architecture, handling complex and large scale projects for more than 300 customers from over 30 countries in the world, we understand your fears. So don’t skip this helpful post to make sure your project has a reasonable price without having to change any quality, especially in the architectural visualization service industry.


What is an architectural visualization project?


The architectural visualization project is the 3D  graphical representation of architecture and premises. Ideas, materials, and light combined into a 3D space and processed by a software often called – rendering.

So to successfully negotiate the right price for the CGI project, what you need to be prepared?


1/ 4 golden rules for pricing your Architectural visualization projects that you shouldn’t miss out on


  1. What is the average price in the industry for projects similar to yours?
  2. What is your project size?
  3. What is the level of complexity your project is experiencing?
  4. What design phase are your projects in?

a. What is the average price of the industry?

Here I made an article about the price for an 3D Architectural Rendering? Architectural Visualization costs in 2020. This can guide you.

The general rule is to always mention that you are comparing services or quotes to your architectural visualization project. This will cause the architectural visualizer to reconsider when your arguments are reasonable and convince them. On the other hand, don’t expect too big that someone will break their profits just because you have a nice building.

b. What is your project size?

The first, when you know the size, scope, and all possible changes to your project, it is clear that you expect prices different from the price stated in the fixed price list, it will be advantageous for you in the negotiation, right?

Expectation of length for your project or at least the approximate term of reality is another important factor for pricing. When you do not know the scale of your project, it can actually lead to additional charges, change the agreement between the two parties and sometimes a big consequence.

The second, after you have agreed on the price but in the process as the demand increases or changes the scope of the project, the proportion will increase. You will have to be aware of the situation and negotiate them.

c. How complicated is your project?

Be aware of the complexity of the project architecture or design leads to the right price for your 3D drawings and makes you the best customer in the eye of the expert.

d. What design phase are your projects in?

This is an important part that you SHOULDN’T IGNORE.

If your project is at the advanced stage, you have most of the necessary details like as the concepts, plans and information are already consistent, the project quotation is to visualize the architecture you expect it to be close to the actual final price.

On the other hand, you’ll get an architectural visualization quote with approximate figures, spreads if the elements have yet to be determined.

If you apply according to these principles you will surely get the most accurate price for your 3D drawings

2/Allow party 3D architectural visualization company quotes

As a smart client, you should let others give out its price in advance. Set “Fixed price” as a starting point, not the best way to reach the architect presentation. The disclosure of your dream low price can you do failed, it doesn’t bring you the change to negotiate the right price for the right and best service. Please provide all the information collected, prepare for quotation and wait.

3/ The mistake of proposing a low price with 3D Artist

For the architect visualization studio, classic negotiation model would not be suitable. Don’t throw the price low in the first place, then wait for the price to be high. Visualize architecture or interior, it’s not that simple. It’s a complicated task that involves a lot of things to consider.

In most cases, bigger projects have better prices. The unintelligent by setting a low price actually makes the seller only think of the amount and the value they bring. They will focus on getting negotiate the highest price or being able to provide the lowest quality service.

4/ Know your limits budget

Make sure, you are a fair buyer. By being reasonable and so that your seller receives something from the deal. As mentioned above, by knowing in advance the price of the seller gives you a strong advantage, even if you are the ultimate paying person.

Will you know when the price is real? What is the price limit for your project? Because the Exchange service needs to have two sides of the deal, you should prepare and allow the seller to earn some money.

5/Get Additional Features for Rendering


If you feel that the offered offer does not give you enough value, you can request additional payments or bonuses. For example, if you were given a price for five 3D occurrences, request an additional result. Whatever, when you require is additional features, it is important to ask in talks. In return, the seller recommends providing value to their product in the form of something additional without paying a high price or discount.

6/ Patiently negotiate to find the Best price


Some potential customers are afraid to reply to emails, feedback to them or they may feel there is no obligation to respond due to dissatisfaction with the supplier’s prices. In fact, it often happens that when customers first ask four and five 3D rendering prices from different studios and 80% of cases, they choose the lowest price. Our advice is to go ahead and spend a little more time replying to emails and negotiate with all the architect visualization studio to get the best price for their service. It is impossible to believe what can be achieved when negotiations are done with proper and transparent attitude.

Noteworthy: Despite everything, if you have no choice and have no chance of investing in a suitable budget. Try preparing the project summary at the maximum quality and ask for a comfortable deadline for your project to be completed under which you will a price as desired

In the end, welcome you to us. At N2Q, We have talented architects with many years of experience, we always bring the Very hight quality products to our customers but our prices range from $ 100 to $ 200 per image! That’s the difference!

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