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Becoming a freelancer is not something that can be decided overnight. There are many reasons for you to consider choosing this path in your career. One of the reasons is when you are tired of jumping from studio to studio or when you are close to graduation and feel more suited to being a freelancer instead of working permanently in the studio.

In Vietnam, the freelance 3D architectural – interior rendering market has  also been quite popular in the past few years. However, there are not many successful people with high and stable incomes. For those who are skilled and have affirmed their reputation, most of them accept orders from abroad.

If you are thinking that freelancers are self-employed, free hours, unrestrained, comfortable in their pajamas, you are probably mistaken. Becoming a successful 3D freelancer is not as easy as you imagine, but it takes a lot of effort, effort, preparation and determination. For that reason, this article offers a few important suggestions that any freelancer should consider if he wants to be successful.



This is probably the most important step you need to consider if you want to become a freelancer. Since you are just getting started, don’t expect a long queue of customers waiting to work with you on great projects. For the first few months, you may just sit around and look for customers. This means that you will not have any income during this period.

That is why you should not quit your current job to become a freelancer right away without careful preparation. Before crashing head in, establish a necessary safety first. You will also need to save money on living expenses for the first 4-5 months, including everything from rent, food, electricity, gas … (basically everything you need. let you live)

It will be difficult to be creative while worrying about food like that… that’s why you should prepare a sum of money for these problems in advance. Then you can find clients full-time without having to worry about paying your rent on time. Remember, though, that getting your first client doesn’t mean they’ll keep coming back to you on the next project. You may also have to wait a long time to find the next customer, so savings are always essential.



As a freelancer, you are your own boss, all success or failure depends on your spirit and your responsibility to work.

Before becoming a 3D Max Vray Trainer and business owner I am today, I was also a freelancer. I straightforwardly commented that most of the freelancers that I have worked with are mostly not highly professional at work. Because they do not have a plan as well as a specific schedule, especially late or late schedule and fail to promise customers.

If you’ve ever worked for a foreign partner you will clearly see their professionalism and discipline. It’s worth learning


“I can’t pay you, but if you do a good job there will be many job opportunities in the future.” This is a problem that many freelancers often encounter when working. It can be expressed slightly differently but usually means in general: promises to have lots, lots of money and many jobs in the future, but for the current project alone, there won’t be any money. But if you prove yourself to the client, there will be many other projects for you in the future.

Sounds appealing, but it’s not true. Remember, you also need to earn money to live, so never do anything for free. While it is impossible to say that the customer is cheating or intentionally causing you harm, you should not “sell yourself” so low. Freelancer just like any other career, requires you to work hard. Your efforts need to be paid and compensated for the most.

Accept less remuneration when you just get started

A fairly common myth when you first start as a freelancer often think that you will make a lot of money right from the start. However, since you are just getting started, you don’t seem to have a large client base, and your portfolio is not much, so don’t expect to be able to earn as much as other seasoned freelances right away. OK.

To have more projects to do, you will likely have to bid much lower than other freelancers, simply because you don’t have as much experience as them. You may be genuinely talented, but from the customer’s point of view, you are just a novice. Sometimes it takes sacrifices to achieve greater things.
As you gain more work experience, you can start charging more for each project, but don’t exceed the threshold set by freelancers in the industry for many years. If not, it will be very difficult for you to get the job.
And remember, as a freelancer, you will have to pay for things like insurance yourself … These additional costs can make your actual earnings less.

PAY AND BE persistent

As a feelancer, there will inevitably be times when you come into contact with customers who purposely don’t pay for work you’ve done. You accepted the price but they are not paying now. Unfortunately, this is quite common, so it takes some hard work and perseverance to get what you are.

Call, email or do whatever it takes to get your customers noticed. In fact, not all customers are like that, but in fact there is only a very small minority. Once you have a lot of experience, this is not a big problem for you anymore, but it is still very important to note once you enter the world of freelancers.


To stay productive and on track, you need to eliminate anything distracting during your time at work. As mentioned earlier, it will all depend on your own morale and work responsibilities. Working from home sounds great, but it’s easy to distract you, making you slip off your schedule. For example, when you open facebook and say “just for a while”, but then you spend hours on it instead of working. Just like most studios usually don’t allow you to use facebook during business hours, you should apply that rule to yourself as well.

A great way to avoid distractions is to do the same thing in the studio. If you’re working at the studio, do you have time to surf the web or watch TV shows? Definitely not. Then being a freelancer at home should also be like that!



Most freelancers will tell you that most of your time will be spent searching for clients and trying to get more projects out of the way. Even if you are already working on a project, go ahead and schedule time for finding new clients. A project can sometimes end up unexpectedly before you know it’s happening, while you still don’t have the next client. This means there will be no income during that time.
To avoid this, you need to constantly search for new jobs and new clients. Join Linkedin, forum … or whatever you think will get you noticed, often you will have to find customers, there is no other way.



Clients always want to know their project is well done. You should have a professional working attitude throughout the entire project, whether through email, video chat, phone calls … Even when meeting difficult clients, which are difficult to work with, you should still keep a professional attitude. This is very important.
Remember that one of the best ways to get more customers is through word of mouth. If a client is already interested in working with you, they can refer their friends or colleagues to you in the future. So do your best to leave a good impression on each of your potential customers.

If you are really ready to take the next step on your path to becoming a freelancer, be sure to check out the advice above. Freelancer is definitely not for everyone as it is a difficult path and very difficult to implement. However, if you go in the right direction, things can be very good.

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