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3D imaging is not an easy thing to do. Especially when 3D architectural visualization is still a relatively new thing, 3D visualization has become very important in architecture.

However, to create high-quality 3D images that appeal to viewers, only a few 3D artists can do it. That’s why it’s important to know how to find and collaborate with the right 3D artist who can visualize and present your project in the best way.

Today, we’ll be discussing important things to consider when looking for the right 3D rendering artist. Are you ready? Start !!!


1.The portfolio they have made


Simply put, you need to make sure that the person you’re considering has worked on similar projects and that they know what they’re doing, what needs to be done. There are many differences between visualization in different disciplines and you need to visualize them most easily.

If the visualizer doesn’t know all the specifics for a given visual project, then he or she will never be able to do it correctly. After all, the result of their work is to help people immerse themselves in designs and understand what a given product will look like in the real world. This requires experience on their previous projects

Check out our portfolio:

2. Synchronize style between architect and 3D artist


3D artists develop their own styles over time and they excel in some areas of their work, of course there are certain styles that are less suitable for them. A picture is not just about technical work. It is also to breathe the artist’s personal feelings to create a better atmosphere.

This means that as a client, you should also find a professional who can bring out the style you want such as artistic, realistic, fun, sterile images. For 3D artists with a lot of experience working on projects like yours, you just need to let them know your style. Of course, they have the experience and knowledge to provide what is most needed for it.

TownHouse Texas

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to explain what you think to a 3D artist, especially if you are not experienced in this type of work. This is why you should find a professional architectural visualization company to bring your ideas closer. At N2Q Studio, I have artists with many different styles, you will easily find the right style for you.

3.Regarded with low-cost service providers


Advice for you: Don’t focus too much on the price until you actually find a quality image that you like and the right 3D artist can do your project. Even if their prices are higher than your budget, don’t worry there are lots of people willing to work with wages you can afford within reasonable limits.

The bottom line is that you cannot expect to get a too cheap price with the quality of their work too high

Read more of our blog: how much is the 3d architectural rendering price?

4. Do they include nature in their pictures?


It’s not hard to see some 3D professionals not adding naturalness to their images but this is a very important aspect of the overall look. The surrounding scenery makes the overall look more authentic and convincing. It can help your potential client realize the scope of the project and how the building will fit into its surroundings.

While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s very important. 3D artists will have to spend a lot of time adding trees and making them look natural, including bushes, sky, foliage, people, cars, etc. Check out their previous works to see if they are available. the surroundings are more natural than none.

Kangaroo Melboure_Australia  
3D Artist: Anh Le Quoc from N2Q Studio

The nature around a building makes it look more convincing. Potential customers will be able to visualize it and visualize the building in the real world. ‍ Let us help you create amazing 3D renderings


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