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1. Apartment Interior Rendering

Timing for an interior rendering can be either easy or surprisingly complex – it all depends on the number of factors involved.

On average, the housing interior renderings can be completed in:

● For one Room: 1 Days

● For simple living room including (guest + dining + kitchen), N2Q usually does not need more than three days.

● For a basic two-story house
1 living room, 1 dinner, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms to complete takes about 9 days.

● N2QStudio loft apartment usually takes 5 days.

I would like to emphasize, the turnaround time of the project depends on the quality and thoroughness of the required customer, including the size of the space and other references.
The interior style and complexity of the Funiture are also important – the more unique and detailed the design, the more time it takes to modeling

2. House exterior rendering

● For one story house : 1 Days

● For a basic two-story house: 2Days

● For an Villa: 3Days

3. Residential exterior rendering

In addition to garden furniture, Exterior Rendering residences typically do not include a large number of distinctive design elements. They also have less angle options

This gives them a faster completion time, unless they need to include other elements such as a fully equipped deck, pool area or GYM practice area.

after stock modeling completed modeling for 3D. N2Q Studio takes about 3 more days to finish a rendered image

4. Commercial interiors Rendering

The turnaround time for commercial interior 3D images varies depending on project scale

● For small projects like a 50 m2 cafe, it takes about a day.

● For larger projects such as a 100 m2 restaurant, the duration is five to ten days.

5. Commercial Exterior Rendering

The completion time for a commercial external visualization project depends on many factors that we can statistically. But I can tell you

● Full process of displaying the details of a large building, about a week

● To have a high-rise building, we need about 10-20 days for an image

6. Hotel Exterior Rendering

Completion time for CGI for hotels depends on the size, style of the building, and a multitude of other factors.

Typically, customers can expect high quality results in:

● For external CGI, the average turnaround time is five to seven days.

● For interior CGI, the average turnaround time is five days to ten days.


What steps should be include in the project during this time frame?

Above is the time required that N2Q Studio needs to do for each type of project. If you want to learn more about how easy it is to Order an Architectural Visualization Service during this period, please click here to know.

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