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Integrating all project information images in one phone application or link HTML, Virtual Tour 360 is considered as an attractive marketing solution for real estate businesses or real estate traders in nCoV period

1/ What is Virtual tour 360


Virtual tour 360 (3D View) is a virtual reality technology product that allows you to create 360-degree panoramas and link them together, making viewers feel like they are at the place in the image. Compared to other sales publications like 3D, 3D movies, sale – Kit, traditional. Virtual tour 3D technology in real estate helps Viewers explore 360-degree panoramas of projects realizing clients’ imaginative ideas of project future in the most vivid and intuitive way.

In the production process Virtual tour 360 at N2Q Studio after the 360-degree images are perfectly completed, all image data and View 360 module are exported as HTML links on the Website, or integrated into an application on the phone with lightning speed in any device with internet connection. At this time, a 360 degree Island Tour by Project is ready to serve viewers at any geographical location.

In the context of complicated epidemic diseases, selling pressure on developers. While model house tours were canceled and the sales team struggled to reach customers, Virtual Tour 360 tours address the problems businesses are facing during the nCovid season.
Let’s see a example of us

2/ Advantages of Virtual Tour 360 over traditional marketing tools.


In the field of real estate, the application of Virtual Tour technology is better than traditional marketing tools

Firstly, this product can replace the whole traditional sale-kit. All basic data about the project including 3D images of total area, floor area, and subdivision utility items are all wrapped up in a system that can be easily uploaded to the website or mobile app.

Second, it is convenient in the process of updating project information when the project has any data that changes the enterprise’s ownership, only need to update that information to the system without having to reprint, the whole is like tradition

3/ Solution sales in nCovid season:


By creating 360-degree panoramas and linking them together, Virtual Tour 360 helps developers provide virtual reality tours with virtual reality technology, to everyone. Buyer can take control All angles for free position Zoom 360 photos to get a panoramic view of the project from any angle.

With projects that have been lauching, and need to be renewed during this time, Virtual Tour 360 will add sharpness and vibrancy to the product, giving life to new sales campaigns.

This tool also reduces the pressure on the sales team when they have many difficulties in reaching customers during the season, no need to meet face-to-face without cumbersome publications, just phone or computer to give project to the customer’s home.

Serving as a 4.0 technology sale kit to easily update project information, Virtual Tour 360 Department minimizes costs related to production and sales printing for businesses. Benefit from being able to bring projects to customers’ hands with a differentiated experience through 360 degree virtual reality also helps to solve the tight cost issues facing businesses today.

The real estate market has recently shown a positive signal of recovery If your business is looking for a solution to heat up the race again, Virtual tour 360 is still the perfect choice


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