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  • In the architectural rendering industry, everyone is learning how to produce a stunning product, stand out and sharp, but not everyone can make a perfect product. If you don’t use 3D rendering in context effectively then you ruin it. In addition to your building, background is also important to make your 3D rendering even better, more attractive in the eyes of the viewer. The image above is proved to be the setting surrounding the creation of buildings, Such as trees, people, bushes, vehicles, etc. Moreover, you need to bring sculptures and street lights into your own achievements when you want to introduce the skyscraper located in a large city. The only reason to do that is to display the view as real as possible. Context Wallet as a building where water is to fish.
  • On the other hand, the context can also help viewers feel the volume of a work. A model who is on your 3D rendering becomes a reference for the viewers to know about the height of a building. Furthermore, the context can act as a focus on attracting viewers to the majority of photographs. Last but not least, it can also be beneficial for the visual spatial presentation of a building. Using the false or true and the perspective transformation of the context is a good way to develop the spatial level of the construction.
  • 3D Architectural Rendering N2Q will tell you what each kind of context can create for a 3D rendering product.

1/ Trees – Best importand thing of Rendering

  • The tree is a symbol of vitality and beauty, so people love it. Trees play an important role in enriching the scene and different types of trees must be related to the location of the building. So to choose a suitable plant to add to your 3D rendering is all necessary for the drawing. Remember that trees are objects to make a 3D drawing more eye-catching, more complete, but do not become obstacles of the building.



2/ The Sky – Which makes 3D Rendering have good mood

  • Sky is the integral part of an excellent 3D build, indicating the time and weather of the rendering becomes clearer. Basic rules of color in the sky: the farther the sky is from the house, the lighter its color becomes, the higher the brightness, while the closer the sky is to the home location the lower the luminosity.
  • If you want the sky to be the best backdrop, you need to have well-designed clouds to make the drawing stand out. The clouds in the weather will be different. The clouds sometimes have perspective and are oriented in the same building direction. Therefore, the screen will have a strong and clear sense of perspective. The most important factor is the brightness and its purpose is to stand out, create the presentation of the house.



3/ Vehicles and Characters – which things that bring 3D rendering to life

  • The sight that many different vehicles go through along with the static building is the combination of dynamic and static. In this way, we can create a lively scene. The colourful backdrop can also create a echo of the building. Make use of the shadows to help your viewers feel the speed and pay more attention to the changing perspectives and feel ahead.


  • For the model, which can help viewers feel the volume of a work, it makes the painting energetic and vitality. Placing people in the right position can increase the sense of space, the character’s movement must have a radial “blur” effect, otherwise it will be scattered and chaotic.


  • At 3D Architectural Rendering N2Q, we do accurate 3 D rendering, quality and true-to-life image thanks to a team of young, professional and creative architects. With our experience, skills not only allow us to master and process relationships of complex and large-scale project contexts, but also to create amazing 3D renderings, architectural rendering of the highest quality to create abstract designs that come to life, with depth, color and realistic beauty, leave a lasting impression on your customers within the budget and timeframe that best suits our customers.

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