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Thanks to advanced technologies and increasingly the internet, Company Pictures Architecture Our work with clients around the world in different time zones to become a reality for those working remotely. Today, we share how we communicate and collaborate with customers living in different parts of the world. More importantly, we will show you the N2Q Architectural Imaging Company that shows flexibility and agility in taking advantage of this.

Here’s a form that shows the time zone difference between N2Q Architectural Imaging Company and our clients in different regions:

Location Time difference
Europe 11-14 hours
Asia 2-5 hours
Oceania 3-7 hours
North America 14-17 hours
South America 12-14 hours

Globalization has made doing business around the world more efficient.

Therefore, this is also a challenge for customers who do not share borders with our country.


When the time difference between 2 and 7 hours, it’s half a day. Before that situation, we always make the most of our customers morning and afternoon time. This allows for higher frequency of direct communications as well as overlapping working times. In particular, the 11-17 hour time difference can affect the exchange of time with business opportunities, wherein customers in a relevant position are primarily concerned about timing different issues. . And that will be the focus of our company, which emphasizes on specific analysis with the following two cases:


1 /Case 1: There was “enough” time for the Architectural Visualization


When progress is not tight, plus time to produce enough: We will follow the normal procedure of both parties as usual: First, we’ll embark on the rendering and sending updated drafts to test. There will be many loops back on the draft. After receiving comments from customers, the N2Q company will adapt accordingly and ask for confirmation from the partner when the draft meets their requirements. Finally, we finish the final delivery to our clients quickly and efficiently.


2 / Case 2: There was “not enough” time for the Architectural Visualization


When urgent delivery is required: Occasionally N2Q will receive some urgent tasks required on the drawing to be completed in about 24 to 40 hours. The time difference makes the timely communication of both parties difficult because the hours of bedtime are met. However, this type of project is the most genuine reflection of our company’s practical advantages in terms of time difference. Now, let’s see how the project runs efficiently and continuously 24 hours a day inside N2Q.

Firstly, After receiving customer’s requests for documents and comments, N2Q will sort the details and begin production. The amount of time the customer sank in a sleep, this is the capacity N2Q work. In this time, N2Q will complete the update of drafts and send them to customers before they go to work. Customers will have plenty of time to discuss between their team or with their clients and give feedback during their working hours while N2Q is going to sleep. When we get back to the office the next morning, we are able to respond immediately. But if the question does not have a major effect on the revision progress, we will give priority to extra production and try not to disturb clients too much during their time off work.


In other words, our goal is to ensure a normal process for both parties. We provide 24 hour support Architectural Rendering Service for the project by leveraging “time difference” alternating to work quickly in both directions. Besides, we will flexibly arrange overtime staff depending on the project emergency. This is also to save time as well as for a more perfect project for customers, make sure the customer is well rested so that he can join the design with abundant energy the next day.

At N2Q Architectural Imaging Company, We always consider our customers most thoughtfully, willing to sacrifice comfort and time zone deviation to  to produce graphics that exceed customer expectations, ensuring that Client project goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




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