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For any real estate development project, the external image quality is very important, it greatly affects the buying decision of the customer and makes a difference. When CGI is poorly exported it will not bring the expected benefit. For worthwhile and efficient investments, companies need to arrange a strategy to visualize their assets.

Here are the determinants of architectural prices. Consider it as a strategy for your company’s next architectural visualization project.

1. The number of images to be CGI output

Any visual project images and videos are shown in each scene. As a result, more scenes are being made, the cost of the visualization project will be higher.

If you want to be able to make all corners and sides out of your project, make sure your budget allows you to do just that. For companies with a tight budget, it is possible to set the priority for which part of the building to visualize. Choose effective angles to highlight the most important parts of your assets, remember to be “the most important”.

A few great images would be a lot better than having multiple images but the quality of the spreads could be due to a faint image or a beautiful view.


2. The simpler the design, the lower the cost of visualizations

The more complex the design of a project, the more tasks your display will need, resulting in a higher cost of visualizations. It is not difficult to understand that the visualization of a small house will be easy and cheaper than a city mall. Of course, the complexity of the design is a rather difficult factor to compromise, optimize budgets and also cannot simplify 1 3D model as it will lead to inaccurate external images.

If your company has a tight budget but there is also a project with a large size or complex design, the complexity of visual design will not be affected. It is better to check your budget optimisation by collaborating with 1 appropriate outsourcing architectural company


3. Time implementation Rendering project

To show the excellent external image need to have minimum time (3-5 days for 1 view). Most professional 3D artists will provide a reliable schedule on the moment they will complete the project. If your project has a time limit, you can request that the display be provided in a short timeline but will likely be of lower quality on the CGI or pay more to get the best quality works in a short period of time.

For companies that export professionally instead of rejecting requests output in short time with low quality. That they can add more members to their group to perform a faster snapshot. In addition, they can do more time to achieve results sooner without recruiting staff.

Both methods will require the group to further visualize the cost of the project and the cost will be added to the cost of the contract.So, contact the earliest collaboration 3d visualization companies to ensure a low cost and easier price negotiation.


4. Skills and expertise of 3D artist

Visual image quality is effectively determined and helps companies achieve their business objectives. In order to obtain high-quality images, one must hire a team of highly experienced and skilled images. Of course, the cost will be higher but the accompanying product is completely worthy. The value for a quality image brings a lot bigger than the cost of.

To optimise your investment for any external visual imagery, you should review the list of all 3D artists you consider renting. Evaluate their skills and see if they deserve the price they set or not. If the intuitive person has the best skills too expensive compared to the budget of your company, you can choose the second best among all applicants.

Refer prices for updated 2020 architectural visualization services with a team of young, professional and creative 3D artists that enable to handle complex and large-scale projects in the world that are suitable for companies with the money limited books

5. Smart choice for good prices

It is not easy to build a reputation in the architecture visualization, especially nowadays when competition among architectural visualization companies is more and more fierce. To find a popular visualization company with an excellent reputation, it’s likely that the company will have a higher price than other visualization companies.

For companies with a reputation, they always create quality products however you will be measured risks as well as professional way of working. If you choose a less reputable company at an more affordable price, you should anticipate issues such as poor communication, easy-to-communicate, misleading information, schedules are delayed or other unwanted obstacles. To anticipate such problems, make sure your contract terms are the most obvious.


6. Custom elements in 3D visualizations.

An experienced 3D visualization company often has resource availability, sample elements such as textures, lights, and components. Using these templates can save time and cost for the project. However, these templates can also make your CGI less unique. Some real estate companies will require additional customization factors to ensure the authentication. Your external visualization will not be so popular if it has a unique architectural design.


7. Additional Features

Additional features are things that are not always in the project contract for external visualization. Examples are bird eye view animations, complete ambient or visually interactive visuals. These greatly promote the effectiveness of your external visualization.

These extra features are not easy to implement. The 3D rendering team will require additional labor in conjunction with experience and skills to complete. Therefore, additional features usually cost quite high. Companies with limited budgets can reconsider before requesting additional features.

High budgets are unlikely that results are effective. On the contrary, low budget visualization can be very beneficial for the business. All is a matter of strategy. It is important to determine which factor is the priority and which factor can compromise.

If you’re not sure how to align an external visualization project, try discussing with your potential 3D visual. They are people with expertise, chances are they will have some useful hints for the project.

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