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Architecture 3D Models created help architects reduce their time into building physical models. Try to convey all the beauty and reality of the project by building physical models is the hard work that requires power, budget, time and enormous creativity from the architect

Instead, the architects selected visualization services and 3D images to create perfect, realistic and optimized images.  Why? Let’s take a look at the compelling reasons why they chose 3D architecture over physical models.

1/Stunning 3D visual effects

The impact of the environment greatly impacts the model: humidity, temperature, dust smoke, all the normal wear and tear of the masterpieces that are not as original. So, to prevent this wear and tear is to find the right storage place, provide adequate maintenance and regularly wipe out the models and repair them whenever necessary

In contrast, the 3D rendering is not affected by the environmental impacts, other influences. The 3D output is a virtual product, not affected by the impact of the environment, never old and without cleaning.

Moreover, the real CGI has a lot of visual impact. The architect works with the best 3D architectural visualization companies that can get realistic stops for marketing materials and a variety of different document types: 3D models of contextual buildings, 3D animations, or virtual tours can be created-on any model


2/ CGI easily shipped to customers

Architectural physical models made of plastic or wood should be very fragile during transport. But the architect can replace the physical archetypal by CGI that is created by a 3D models. CGI image is digital so it is displayed 3D rendering on the computer screen or send the link online if the client is far away


3/ 3D Architecture helps saves budgets

The creation of physical archetypal requires more material and many working hours, meticulous craft, quite expensive. In fact, a architect can take a few thousand USD to get a detailed prototype of the building. This process can be less expensive if working with a highly skilled 3D architecture emulator.

For 3D models, no material is required as well as the architect’s efforts. All work is done digitally, with the help of CAD software, based on drawings and references. This way, digital prototyping saves money-while bringing great results.


4/ 3D architecture saves time of architect

The creation of a detailed physical prototype of a building in the future is time-consuming. Speciality, when the model involves a lot of detail and requires reproducing the surrounding environment. And the very difficulty of preparing a prototype took weeks.

But,  with the help of architectural 3D modeling, the creation of architectural images becomes a lot quicker. The truth is that a 3D Artist is able to provide accurate realistic 3D production of the building in the future within 4-5 working days. As CGI is created very quickly, architects will save a lot of time for the thoughtful preparation of presentation speeches.


5. Easy editable 3D Architecture

Once the physical models are ready, it is difficult to make any corrections to them. So if the client decides to want to change the colors or material, the architect will have to build a new model. That means architects must start over and spend more time, money to edit them according to the requirements of customers.

But with 3D visuals, architects don’t have to do it. If the project needs editing, the 3D editor can simply adjust the CGI in the PC program and before the start, the presentation is updated.

The art of a highly specialised 3D architecture emulator can easily replace the physical prototyping. CGI allows saving both time and money, while simultaneously creating accurate 3D models, quality  and intact images when there is no further environmental impact, 3D production makes it easy to edit with time quickly to send to customers anywhere in the world.

In the end, welcome you to us. At N2Q, We have talented architects with many years of experience, we always bring the very hight quality products to our customers but our prices range from $ 100 to $ 200 per image! That’s the difference!



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