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We are all too familiar with architectural – interior firms outsourcing rendering services from 3D Architectural Visualization firms to their projects, and the benefits from this are numerous as many times as we have suggested. update, and this has been going on for a long time because of its practical benefits. But in this era of globalization, we have a new trend that complements it. These 3D Architectural Visualization companies, after being hired by architectural or interior companies, will re-lease other free 3D artirts from poorer countries such as areas like South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, where did this come from? Why do they have to do that? And what positive and negative aspects will they have? Let’s also delve into this issue

A. Reasons for outsourcing 3D Architectural Visualization firms

1. Don’t want to lose any customers

In this case. We are talking about customers who have a terrible number of customers coming to them, in which case they will not be able to take all the projects their customers bring, also Maybe they will meet some clients they feel is not potential at the time. Or their project has a low budget that they don’t want to spend time on.

normally then they will refuse to work with the client and the project is certainly an unintelligent choice because every client has their own potential, maybe at that time they bring a project. The project is not really exciting but in the future they will probably come back and bring a really great project! and once they have left one 3D Architectural Visualization company to work with another, they will surely trust the companies that have worked with them before.

So, the smart choice now is outsourcing! 3D Architectural Visualization companies will often Outsource 3D Artirts for small projects, to focus on large projects without having to worry about progress, which will help them retain clients and There will be a number of potential projects in the future when these clients come back, and moreover, they get more income from these projects, instead of giving it all to their competitors.

2. Overloaded work

Still as the above reason, when the number of customers coming to them is too much, in this case all of our projects are big projects and they cannot afford to do all of them, most likely they will consider. company expansion case. Hiring more employees, buying more computers, changing wider workplaces are one option, but this will be a time-consuming option, because of a lot of factors, instead. They will hire 3D Artits to do some part of the project: modeling, or rendering, or photoshop, for example, or whatever stage they can outsource, in which case they can do it themselves. Get a good grasp on the quality of the projects to make sure they are on the right track. Of course they can also assign the entire project to the 3D artirts.

3. Not enough power to implement some projects

It is really funny to say this but this is really what is happening, some companies based in US, UK, Germany, Aus and others have worse quality of work than companies that have Based in less developed countries, where the quality is worse and they certainly will have a higher price than them, the only competitive advantage they have is a close relationship with local architects. , for now they will hire people working on big projects that they cannot afford, so their only option is to hire 3D Artists in other countries for a lower price and higher quality of them, and I’m sure this is the right choice

4. Get higher profits

In developed countries, where 3D architectural visualization companies are located, often charge very high fees because of the costs associated with software licensing, operating costs and staff salaries, but quality is. It is not certain that it will be high, instead, in less developed countries there is often a product with a much cheaper price because software cost is not available (As in Vietnam). Labor cost is cheap, but still ensures the same quality and can do a lot of revolving projects within 1 month,

So hiring them to work on a lot of projects for a month to get a profit is very attractive, right? With this, you don’t need to run a 3D Architectural Visualization company, or be an expert in the field, you just have basic knowledge with it, your job is just like a sales people, and receive huge profits from it

5. Attractive benefits

• Get high cost of profit from the price difference
• Make sure many projects can be done at the same time
• No investment cost of labor, computer, space, low risk
• Can receive projects from multiple domains, multiple files
• Get higher quality than price

6. Risks

• Loss of customer and reliability if 3D Aritst fails to complete the mission
• If your 3D Artirst is unreliable, they may disappear and you may not be able to find them
• Have difficulty communicating, because most of them have poor English
• Poor product receipt compared to the original promise
• It is difficult to control work progress on time

7. Solution

Our solution is that parties should choose companies instead of individuals, because individuals are often less reputable and less professional than companies.Of course, is a slightly higher price, but still within the highly profitable range for you

N2Q Studio is a trusted Outsource Rendering for companies that want to share their work, we have a young and talented team that wants to prove itself in every job, don’t hesitate to contact us to build a nice relationship and make a huge profit for your company!

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