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Using “garbage” from recycled materials or reusing old materials in construction is a trend that many architects have applied in recent years. You will not believe in your eyes that the use of these materials not only contributes to environmental protection but also brings aesthetic value, creativity beyond imagination

If the construction industry knows how to take care of this waste properly, this is a potential source of material. It can replace materials extracted from existing sources to create construction components with quality not inferior to traditional materials.

Recycle and reuse in civil construction are extremely important, especially when we consider the amount of waste/emissions and the energy consumption in the process construction at the construction site. In order to create a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly construction industry, one of the special actions needed is to use recyclable or reused materials, design or renovate these materials to continue using the new building appropriately.

Recyclable materials or old materials used in homes, apartments, hotels, or any other structures carry a statement of sustainable and environmentally sustainable construction practices. Here are some examples of construction projects that use recycled materials in an interior in a variety of ways, which not only provide good aesthetic value but also function to reduce energy consumption and create a fresh, pleasant atmosphere.


1/ Wood Waste


Weekend Shelter is a house built in the Isovol Region, Spain. It is considered typical for self-construction activities (self-construction), which is a temporary residence as a tent to relax on weekends.

The main material to build the house is porous wood thrown away. wood waste is used to construct facades, walls, ceilings… In addition to being cut into many small pieces to design into furniture such as cabinets and shelves.

wood waste is a maintenance-free material, exploited from forests, with good sound, thermal insulation and especially recyclable.

After dismantling, the wood waste from the house is completely recyclable and reusable for different buildings or activities, even able to carry out other functions without losing its properties.


2/ Tarpaulin


The Même house is inspired by Chise – a traditional style of Ainu people, Japan. The frame of the house is made of Japanese pine wood, surrounded by polyester fluoride tarpaulin.

Polyester fluoride tarpaulin is specially designed to take advantage of recycled plastics. The inner layer of the canvas is covered with a removable fiberglass cloth. Between the outer and inner layers is the polyester insulating compound made from PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate compound) – a recyclable plastic.


3/ Loam


According to centuries-old tradition, houses in Egypt were built by word of mouth. That is, the builders talked to each other about how to build, without any one plan. There are only a few sketches on the desert sand to help each other visualize the house to be built.

Cheops Observatory Residence is also built in the same way, simple but a technique drawn from tradition with long-standing secrets. The building uses of rough earth bricks. Besides, windows that make use of the old door, shutters and old furniture local swords.


4/Food Packaging waste


The Zero Waste Bistro Restaurant was designed by Linda Bergroth with walls made from crushed and processed food packaging. These walls are true to the color of the packaging collected, if you look closely you can see print and barcodes.

Not only that, other items in the restaurant such as tables, trays, cups… are also made from recycled materials, supplied by many different units selected by Linda Bergroth herself.


5/ Plastic Pipe


The Ready-made apartment uses a lot of recycled materials and creative homemade crafts. The architect reused Marquina marble (used in the old kitchen) to cover the floor, creating an effect like a black carpet, while helping to divide the use of space. This material is also reused to clad the staircase.

In addition, the architect reused plywood boards combined with unique white and gold steel frames created to form a unique, creative hanging shelf.


6/Broken waste of brick


The group of architects originally intended to renovate the Fuelle Roga | OMCM arquitectos (Paraguay) House with as little dismantlement and destruction as possible. However when during construction, problems such as deterioration, unreasonable structure of the old house were revealed forcing the architects to destroy more than 70% of the construction area.

However, bricks from old buildings that have been completely destroyed are not considered garbage but are re-used materials to build new constructions. Accordingly, from the rubble, the architect took advantage of broken pieces of brick to build up very unique and creative brick walls, although costing more for labor but saving very much in purchasing raw materials.


7/Old Wood


The Tepoztlán Hotel is a harmonious combination between architecture and nature. The architect used the same rock obtained after digging the foundation to build the walls and paths. The overall structure of the hotel is made of natural red concrete, selected to match the colors of the landscape and the red tones of the hills surrounding the Tepozteco valley.

In addition, all wood planks used in the construction are recycled wood, treated, made into floors and furniture.


















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