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3D images are widely used by interior designers because CGI is the best tool to showcase their projects with customers and used as a top marketing brochure for design professionals

The designers work with the CGI Studio to get true presentations on all areas of the house, of course it includes the kitchen.  Thanks to 3D images, interior designers can easily demonstrate to the house owner  that their kitchen will be beautiful, fully functional and feel that space as designed exclusively for their preferences.

Are you eager to see how it works in reality? Let’s take a look at 5 impressive hints of kitchen design done by us!

1/ Classic Italian Kitchen Interior


Project: Texas-Townhouse

The kitchen is designed in the classical style of Italy in the main style of the house. All the details in this kitchen design complement each other ideally. Parquet floors highlight the kitchen island area and modern bar stools help the space within the sediment and steadfast. The chains in their design show that this room is part of a rural farm house, not of a luxury city apartment.

The size of the property allows a large kitchen will have space for everything. If the host decides to hold a large family gathering, every guest will feel comfortable in this place.

2/ Elegant minimalist Kitchen


Project: Cozy Townhouse

The combination of simple materials was used to reflect a cozy home, for example, wooden floors, metallic decorations and minimalist furniture create a sense of comfort. The large windows offer plenty of natural light and a sweeping view of the city. The design team has made the most of the space of this attic apartment. In the process of creating this stunning design, we tested a lot with color mixing. There are many shades to choose from. But after some discussions with our clients, we decided to stick with the original option.

3/ Modern kitchen design with monochrome color


Project: Angry Villa

The villa has a cozy American-style interior. The cold tones are used throughout the interior as well as the fixtures are carefully arranged to make the house special. The interior design is made using sunlight from the outdoor terrace, which helps to illuminate the interior and provide an expensive view. Most kitchen designs are grey, creating a classy and sophisticated atmosphere. The result has created a beautiful and clean kitchen design drawing that is perfect. Everything in this dimension is gentle and simple, which is precisely what makes this design attractive.

4/ Kitchen Use contrasting colors


Project: Casa De Toirrera

A modern design with contrasting styles of black, white and grey hues. Combined with lighting effects will bring a luxurious space and to class. Warm lighting, the muted color palette is used throughout the space to mimic the soft cues of the surrounding nature. Guests room face the beautiful lake and provide an unparalleled beautiful garden view.

Everything in this dimension is gentle and simple, which is precisely what makes this design attractive. To create more accents for the kitchen design, the 3D painter used green trees and fruits. 3D Imaging is the optimal tool for presenting kitchen design. With CGI, it is possible to present all the value of the space designed to be excellent in real-quality images. It’s a great way to impress customers and make them approve the project

5/Kitchen with wood material


Project: Adam Tyne City

Wood is a highly beloved material in modern kitchen designs. Not only brings luxury beauty, the appearance of natural wood color also brings warmth, privacy, and more fun for your kitchen. The trend of designing green kitchen space with the combination of environmentally friendly, safe for users will create a sense of peace of mind for the landlord. Therefore, the design style with modern kitchen appliances come with wooden furniture promising to rise to the throne in the 2020. Moreover, with wooden furniture, the kitchen will become so cozy, familiar, feels like living in a calm, airy nature. In particular, the wood Tone gives the kitchen a feel more clean.

6/ Kitchen with open design


Project: Casuarina House

The modern kitchens are usually removed from the walls to expand the space. With the open design, you can observe the kitchen from different angles, true to the meaning “heart” of the house. If you pursue this idea, you should focus on the harmony between the kitchen furniture and the surrounding areas to ensure artistic effects for the whole house.

In addition, the style of open kitchen design is also focused on decorating the kitchen appliances so neat, scientific.

7/ Modern kitchen with mainstream white tones


Project: TownHouse Real States Model

The white background is a color gamut that fits the vast majority of interior space and has never been an outdated choice for design. With modern kitchens, white tones are not just bearing the aesthetic elements but also help the kitchen look neat and easier to clean. Especially, with the kitchen space with limited space, the use of white will help the feeling of increasing the area considerably, help the kitchen become bright, spacious.

Aside from that, a bit of playful woven colors as a highlight for both the kitchen is also a suggestion or in this case.

We seek amazing ways to represent of ideas and help our clients to tell their stories via the most stunning 3D renderings. We offer the best-tailored service to meet customer individual needs.

Let us know if you’re interested in working together!

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