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Nowadays, it is not difficult to make a lifelike 3D visualization for architectural projects by equipping with powerful softwares.

However, the image is not attractive and perfect will not be able to defeat the opponent, especially in the race of the industry visually as it is now. Many designers are trying to get the perfect 3D image, but a great 3D image is never easy to be made up if ignore the following element to achieve perfect quality

1/ Details make a difference


The highlight of 3D architectural imagery is to make it as realistic as possible. As a result, project-related factors, if added while visualizations of 3D production, will increase the reality and more persuasive power.

To better understand the importance of the surrounding environment, we can take natural elements as an example. Many people will say that the naturel does not matter by the main building in architectural project. However, this opinion is erroneous when underestimate the great positive effect that nature brings to the atmosphere.

For example, The project looks more modern when there are cloudy weather, trees and lawns that are carefully trimmed, giving life or romantic air the desire to convey. In this way, the interactions of buildings and surroundings make visualists more convincing.

In addition to exterior, interior details such as furniture, household items, windows, bricks are also essential when maximizing the reality. In addition, any other details that help to show the beauty of the project should be considered by designers.

2/ Never forget the shadow, light and angle of view


It can be said that the darkness, light and angle of view bring your product to life.

The Shadow and light

The lack of shadows and light make the project look artificial and dry hard. When you are producing shadows and light, you need to consider the angle and direction of the sun. This ensures that there are more depth as well as perspective for viewers to see the building clearly.

Besides, the essential part is highlighted.


However, the amount of light requires careful consideration. When the lighting is not enough, it is difficult to see the central building. Meanwhile, too much light leads to loss of detail. Quality lighting is needed and necessary to display stunning 3D rendering. Hence, light handling and darkness are the points for designers to keep in mind.

Angle of view

To increase the integrity of your images, you need special perspectives. A camera based overview is a case in point.

But why are camera-based overviews important?

Because it starts from the perspective of people and is consistent with observation habits, including the camera angle and height adjustment, 3D production will become more true. So, try to put yourself as a photographer.


3/ Ensure architectural images

3D Architectural Visualization Company has style and personality. Make sure the architectural image as the advancement of the visualization technology brings the growing industrial consistency. Only a unique style can stand out and hit the eyes of the buyer.

A company that intuitively has creative prestige can highlight the beauty of the project. The application of a multitude of 3D modeling combinations allows viewers to be able to look through different angles. It can even fool people that here is a picture

So, 3D visualization is also what we need to highlight. The process of creating 3D images for architecture is bringing life and soul to a design concept.

Your technical skills can help you create 3D reproductions but never forget these 3 essentials and design into the most honest.

Hopefully these 3 essentials will help designers pursue more beautiful 3D visuals and snapshots.

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